Welcome To DTKit Comapny

Electronic websites facility information obtaining and consciousness pervasion, hence, they acquired effective role as they are nominated to be the start point for all profit and non-profit organizations, in order to provide information, services, consultancy and other facilities.

For this purpose, DTKit Company was established at 2014, specializing in web programming and Graphic design, located in Ajman – UAE.

Services provided by DTKit company:

- Logo Design 

- Graphic design for advertising campaigns (including designing online or printed brochures, posters,

business cards, shop banners, magazines, packing … etc).

- Designing and programming websites for governmental agencies, business entities and individuals.

- Providing ready-made website templates.

- Domain booking.

- Web hosting and technical support.

- SMS text messaging services.


Marketing services that include:

- SMS text messages.

- Google adwords.

- U.A.E DIR membership.

- Ajman guide membership.

2023+ Domain Names Registered
1938+ WebSites Hosted
6000+ Customers

What we do

Digital-Marketing And photography

With DTKit's Digital-Marketing service, you can achieve the success and spread of your company or website through the fastest and least expensive and most effective marketing means where you can advertise your site or company through the Google Adwords service which allows your site to appear at the top of search results in the engine Search Google when you search for words related to your site's activity and it also appears on the most popular websites, such as popular news sites, ad sites, etc., as well as the email service provided by Google Gmail, as well as on mobile and tablet devices. And Qek by advertising on Facebook which allows your site to appear in the side site Facebook ads as well as on mobile and tablet devices, or promote a particular publication especially on Facebook, attracting views, comments and likes page Posts.

Web programming is now becoming easier and faster

Designing a website is critical to reaching your project or business to the fullest extent of success. You can communicate with the world through a successful website that reflects your online activity. DTKit offers all your domain name registrations, as well as the fastest and safest hosting services that are specific to our company. We offer many and many previously programmed websites as well as customized websites according to your company's vision. We also provide the technical support service to all customers with continuous communication throughout the week. We provide integrated services in the design of successful web sites and applications using the latest programming techniques to provide the best quality to satisfy our customers and compete with other projects of the same field.

Our Management Team

Omar Murshid Bandar
Omar Murshid Bandar Chairman of the board

Develop a set of plans that organize the required tasks of employees or employees in a good way by relying on the identification of the main objectives of the establishment.

Sara Adnan
Sara Adnan Support Supervisor

Indispensable in all companies within its organizational chart. This function depends on the employee's excellence in a range of skills to implement administrative and functional tasks.

Hossam Mohammed
Hossam Mohammed Excutive Manager

Coordination and control of all matters related to the internal management of the company, and manages and legislates everything related to the work.

Mohammed Mostafa
Mohammed Mostafa Software Manager

Web development ranges from simple static page development to plain text to complex web applications, e-business, and social networking services.

Ra'ad Al Mdadha
Ra'ad Al Mdadha Director of Digital Marketing

You will work closely with different teams to ensure consistency through all digital marketing channels. Forward-thinking ideas to build and maintain a strong company web presence.

Hassan Abed Rabbo
Hassan Abed Rabbo Director & Creative Producer

professional role which is responsible for the development of products for an organization, known as the practice of product management.

Khalyed Business Coordinator

Responsibilities include activities required to run the operation, including planning purchases, negotiating procurement and coordinating budget, equipment, services and commodities.

Marwan Mohammed
Marwan MohammedCustomer Service

Meet the needs and expectations of customers by providing high quality service resulting in customer satisfaction..

Forsan KhrisCustomer Service

Meet the needs and expectations of customers by providing high quality service resulting in customer satisfaction..

Abdallah Alsaleh
Abdallah Alsaleh Customer Service

Meet the needs and expectations of customers by providing high quality service resulting in customer satisfaction..